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The Most Effective Pipe Locating Solutions in Christchurch

We Deliver Non-Destructive, Cost-Effective Service

At Radar Geophysical our goal is to provide comprehensive service and detailed strategies to our clients at all times. We use a combination of experience, technology and client interaction. By carefully listening to your needs we can achieve the best results possible.We will come to you when needed, anywhere in Christchurch or South Island wide, to provide underground service, cable or pipe locating.

With Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, our capabilities are seemingly limitless. So put us to the test, by contacting our office for your next project. 
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Locating, Defining and Identifying

With our technical expertise, we can provide the timely service and support you need. Many clients come to us for the following services:
  • Locating metallic and nonmetallic services
  • Defining depth of services
  • Finding communications wires and conduits
  • Defining pipe routes, without connecting to the source
  • Locating unknown services
  • Finding utilities, without using as-built drawings
  • Identifying services for avoidance during excavation

Site Preparation

We can help prepare your worksite before a project, ensuring the area is safe for all involved and that no services will be affected. This includes:
  • Generating or updating subsurface service maps, for future planned development
  • Clearing drilling locations for subsurface interferences
  • Accurately marking out services scheduled for repair or replacement

Saving You Time and Money

You will find our service to be highly effective in all aspects of your project. A large part of delivering a successful project comes down to scheduling and budgeting.

We promise our surveys will save you time, money and enhance the safety of your worksite.
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