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Your Go-to Service For Cable Locating in Christchurch

We Have Been Servicing the Area Since 2002

Radar Geophysical is proud to offer state-of-the-art, non-invasive solutions to clients throughout Christchurch and the South Island.
Servicing the region since 2002, you can count on us to provide a quick resolution for your utility and service locating needs.
Whether you requirecable locating, pipe locating or anything in between, we will get the job completed in a professional and cost-conscious manner.

You can read more about our process and chosen methods below and welcome any enquiries you may have.
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How We Obtain Our Results

To locate your subsurface objects and services, we choosethe process of Radar Subsurface Locating, which basically serves as your eyes underground.

We can obtain all ground information and locate services using Ground Penetrating Radar technology.

What is GPR

GPRis an efficient, non-destructive method of obtaining information about the sub surface conditions. We supplement the radar with electronic location devices, when necessary. GPR provides a graphic image of the subsurface and has a variety of applications, as detailed below.

Benefits of GPR

GPR is extremely useful for determining the vertical and horizontal location of services, tanks, pipes and other objects. By using state-of-the-art electronic locators and GPR systems, Radar Geophysical can help you accurately locate virtually all services within your worksite.

The accurate designation of services and utilities is essential to successfully working in the underground.
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